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Is it possible to sort the upcoming meetings in "My Meetings" ?


I have set up two types of meetings in Zoom. One is a meeting that recurs regularly (same time, two days a week, for 16 weeks). The other is a Recurring with No Fixed Time. So far so good.


When I go to "My Meetings / Upcoming", every occurrence of the first type of meeting is listed, and the second type of meeting is at the very end. This is because the upcoming meetings are sorted by starting time, and there is no starting day or time for a No-Fixed-Time meeting.


Here's my question: Is there a setting in Zoom which enables me to put the No-Fixed-Time meeting at the top of the list?


(I'm not sure whether it's relevant, but I've tried naming the No-Fixed-Time meeting so that it precedes the other alphabetically, and this doesn't work.)


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @checkman 

Unfortunately, the Upcoming Meetings list is always sorted by scheduled date, with no-fixed-time meetings coming at the end. I'd recommend adding them to your calendar, which would be an easier way to track what sessions you have upcoming on a given day. Adding them to your calendar and then integrating your calendar with Zoom will allow those no-fixed-time meetings to actually have a date/time associated with the calendar event, and will pull those forward when viewing upcoming meetings on the desktop client. 


It's not ideal, but I hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.


My calendar is a paper-bound weekly planner, so this won't work.


I would love that, too! I'm astonished that Zoom doesn't at the very least allow for an option to alphabetize the list of upcoming meetings, for those of us with predominantly recurring meetings.

I too have predominantly recurring meetings with no fixed time and yet there is no way to sort them or list them as I need them to show up in the list. 


I would love if Zoom would jump to the CURRENT TIME in the list -  instead of having to scroll down all the way.    ( my company encourages "all day event "  entries for PTO etc  and often that list clutters the list. )


My scheduled meetings are "no fixed time recurring meetings"


I have named each recurring meeting according to the name of other person/s attending the meeting. 

On my phone and iPad the list is organised alphabetically.

On my compute there appears to be no obvious system to the way the list is organised. I have a long list.

And so having the scheduled meetings listed alphabetically on my computer would be helpful.

How do I do this? 






so, it's been two years. does Zoom have this functionality yet? I have a weekly meeting that is set all the way through the year - that's dozens upon dozens of the same meeting UNTIL I get to my recurring meetings.