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Is Unmute participant a privacy option choice

  1. My question is about whether a host / admin or a user with group permissions can un-mute a participant without his/her consent in an open source or enterprise editon?
  2. Will a participant be always asked about such a consent always, or can some enterprise turn off such consent?
  3. Once given a consent, the setting can be revoked in Audio. If such a setting is not available does it mean that the consent has never been given, or that the consent being given, is not shown due to an enterprise setting.
  4. Bottom line can an enterprise take privacy on their control or does a participant under all circumstance has his/her privacy under control?

Thanks for the help.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @dsrini_open 


Any Host or Co-Host of any Meeting can Mute any Participant.


Participants can only be unmuted in Meetings organized by Hosts who the Participant has given permission to unmute them.


Hosts specify whether they want to request permission to unmute Participants. This is a setting in the Hosts web setting and is applied to all their Meetings.


Participants are asked once to give permission when they first join a meeting with that Host. If they give permission, that permission will remain for any future Meetings organized by that Host. They will not be asked again - even for other Meetings organized by that same Host.


If the deny permission, they will be asked again each time they join a meeting with that Host. But they can keep denying, each time.


Unmute permission always has to be given by the Participant . It can be revoked in Audio, like you see.


Unmute permission are always seen in Audio, if they exist. 


The ability of Hosts to request permission to unmute can be disabled as an account level.


Hope this helps.





@Rupert "it can be revoked in Audio, like you see."  May we please haver instructions on how a participant would revoke permission to be unmuted in any given meeting, after they have given consent?  I have gone through all the settings and I don't see any option for this. Thank you.

How can an Android user revoke permission to unmute once it has been given?

I can see how a Windows user can do this, and it looks like an IOS user can, but I cannot see how an Android user can. Please advise if this can be done.



There is a setting here to manage who you have given permission to unmute you, but I don't see this option under Audio in my client settings. I have updated my client to the latest version (didn't see it before the update either)


Why is this setting not showing for me?


Revoking consent to be unmuted (participant) Participants

See section: "