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Is There Any way to Share Sound while also Spotlighting Videos?


Hey Zoom Community,


I know how to spotlight videos and I know how to share sound, but if I'd like to share an audio song while also rotating through spotlight attendee videos at the end of our monthly call to feature groups around the country. Is there anyone that has suggestions if these can be done together?



Currently, sharing sound while spotlighting videos in video conferencing platforms may not be a native feature. However, there are workarounds that can be implemented, similar to how apk  files can be sideloaded on Android devices. One option is to use third-party virtual audio cable software to route your sound to the video conferencing application while spotlighting a video. This might require some technical setup and could vary depending on the software and platform you are using. Alternatively, you can consider suggesting this feature enhancement to the video conferencing service provider, as user feedback often drives the development of new functionalities to meet evolving needs in the digital collaboration landscape.