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Ipad Air v5 (M1) running stage manager and additional monitor


Has anyone experienced similar behavior/ have a fix?

IPad OS 16.2 IPad Air v5 - Stage manager - with additional monitor connected. Ipad in Landscape mode.
In the above configuration - when the Zoom meeting is running on the Ipad screen - all apps on the additional monitor become minimized - opening a minimized app causes the lock screen to activate - this does not happen with other apps.
If Zoom meeting is running on external monitor - apps can open on Ipad screen ok - but the camera view is skewed 270" - ie Zoom is not recognizing the Ipad orientation.



I have determined that I think the camera issue is not a Zoom issue, as I have similar problem in Discord. It seems to think that when I move the app to the external display, my iPad is in portrait orientation. In fact, if I turn my iPad to portrait - my video is fine (but in portrait orientation.)


I’ve also noticed that when I try to set the arrangement in iPad Settings (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) - the graphic shows my iPad in Portrait orientation when it’s in landscape, and visa-versa. So I’m wondering if this is more an Apple bug?

Based on my experience with WebEx today I am more inclined to think this is a Zoom issue. I had no video issues with WebEx on my main iPad or on the connected screen.


Same issue with video window being rotated 90 degrees resulting in me appearing sideways. This only happens when I have Zoom running on external monitor on iPad. Rotating the ipad isn’t an option as I need my keyboard. 


This doesn’t happen with FaceTime so I don’t think it’s an apple issue i think Zoom needs to add video orientation options in the iOS app. 


I also think it is an app issue and an update is needed.


I face the same issue on ipad pro 13 with the latest app on an additional monitor.

I do not know if this is an apple issue or a zoom issue but at the minimum zoom should warn that your video will be rotated by 90 degrees on the additional monitor.


I have the same problem… Any reasons?