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Invite Link - Why not allow a "custom link"?


Why does the Zoom link for a meeting have to be so ugly?


When I send out a link by email I have no issues., I can create a hyperlink to hide the long URL. But when I want to invite people to a large meeting using posters, flyers, elevator announcements, etc. the long URL is useless. My solution has been to use BIT.LY to shorten the URL and for popular meetings like TownHalls or our Annual General Meeting I make a custom link. is easy to remember and/or jot down and then retype.  


Why cannot the Zoom link be made that way to start?  It would save me $29/mo for my license! Obviously, it can be a feature of only the paid subscriptions.  But it would make Zoom look and feel less "techy", more friendly and more finished.