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Invalid Signature Issue in Zoom Web SDK Client View

Dear Zoom Support Team,I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue we are facing with the Zoom Web SDK Client View. We have integrated the Zoom Web SDK into our web application to enable video conferencing capabilities for our users.However, we are encountering an “Invalid Signature” error when attempting to join a meeting using the generated signature. We have followed the documentation and guidelines provided by Zoom, but we are unable to resolve this issue on our own.Here are the details of our implementation:-
     SDK Version: 2.12.2
     Development Environment: javascript - front end; laravel-backend
     Relevant laravel signature code snippet : Attached along with this email
     Relevant Zoom Join JS Code Snippet: Attached along with this email
     Errors Faced: Invalid Signature(error snippet and screenshot attached).
We kindly request your assistance in investigating and resolving this issue. If there are any specific troubleshooting steps or recommendations you can provide, we would greatly appreciate it. Additionally, if there are any server-side configurations or settings that need to be checked or adjusted, please let us know.
Please find attached any relevant logs, error messages, or additional information that may assist you in diagnosing the problem.
We are eagerly awaiting your response.
Thank you for your time and assistance



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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