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Hosting a meeting with the Interpretation feature - and I was not able to place our assigned interpreter into the Interpretation Channel.  It did not allow me to select his name   I was able to manually add just about anyone else at the meeting as the Interpreter - except the individual I wanted.  I've used interpreters before with no issues.  What happened here?  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @MJ7,


You've had success before, and issues just one time - or multiple times?


I'm curious if perhaps the successes were in Meetings, and the problem was in a Webinar?  The Interpreter should be a Panelist or Co-Host in a webinar.


There is also this note in the Zoom Support article on Interpretation:

Note: The pre-assigned interpreters must be signed in to the account associated with the chosen email address. If they are not signed in with that email address when joining the meeting or webinar, they will not be recognized as an interpreter; however, the host can manually assign them to be the interpreter in the meeting. 

You might also review the article for other details: 


Beyond those things, I can't tell from your description anything that would seem to cause this issue.  If it is a recurring issue, I'd highly recommend creating a Support Ticket so that Zoom Support Staff and investigate with access to your account.  (Zoom Community folks are mostly volunteer Zoom customers with no access to your information.)

Support Ticket entry: 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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