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Intermittent garbled sound from Logitech microphone as host


Last couple of days my clients have been complaining about loud static from my microphone during zoom meetings.  This is intermittent, session starts ok, then a few minutes into it, they complain that things are getting noisy, then it becomes intolerable.  This is from a Logitech wired USB headset.  Thought the microphone was bad so ordered a new headset, but now clients have been telling me the old Logitech headset I temporarily swapped in to replace it, a different model altogether, is also noisy in the same way.  I can't hear the distortion, only they can.


If I switch to the laptop microphone it's ok, so that's what I've been doing.   Rebooting the laptop doesn't fix this.


This has never happened before, have been using Zoom for years, many hours a week on zoom as I have an online therapy practice.  laptop is HP Windows 11, with logitech headsets all that time never giving me a single problem ever.  My whole business is on Zoom, so I need to solve this problem.  Can use laptop microphone temporarily but prefer the superior sound quality of the logitech headsets.


Anybody have any ideas?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Charlie8 


Noise on the microphone sometimes occurs with USB headsets.
In most cases, the cause is noise from the USB port, which often occurs on laptop PCs with inadequate power supply noise suppression.
As a countermeasure, try changing the USB port.
For laptop PCs, unplug the charging cable and change to battery operation.


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I have the same problem. I just upgraded to version 5.15 (I lagged upgrading for way too long) and suddenly other users on a Zoom call report my audio both becomes garbled and then drops-out after a few seconds. Zoom has become unusable. This happens with both Zoom video and Zoom Phone. I'm running linux and have not replaced or upgraded any of my USB devices recently. This appears to be an issue with the Zoom software, itself. When I use other videoconferencing platforms, everyone can hear me just fine.

Same issue here, a mic that runs fine on all other applications, suddenly sounds like crap on Zoom!