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Intermittent Microphone issues


Hi all,


I’ve been having issues with microphone connection on zoom and wonder if anyone else experienced that and how they fixed it. 

When I connect to a meeting zoom connects to my microphone automatically, when I unmute myself the microphone sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. What also happens is my microphone might be working no problem in the main room and then once moved to a break out room it stops working, and I might need to switch between microphones to be heard again. So going from ‘same as system’ to ‘microphone array’ and then between those again to make it work again. 

I’ve updated the app multiple times, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried logging in through the app and web and it’s still seems to be happening. However, the issue doesn’t happen on any other apps like teams or other video call platforms. 

Any help would be great, thanks. 



I am also having this issue but for me is it affecting my speakers. I keep switching them back and fourth through the 3 options I have. Works for a second then cuts off again. I thought it was the other person but after two or three meetings it was me the whole time. It is also affecting teams, unfortunately. Logging into my phone I do not have this issue. I have deleted zoom thinking this would fix the issue on my personal laptop but again teams is also affected. 


I am also (suddenly) having mic issues. It seems every other zoom meeting it works, and then it doesn't on the other-other meetings.  My mic/headset itself works in terms of drivers and generally functioning on my pc.  AND it works in the audio/mic test before EVERY meeting. Then i get into the meeting and some meetings i get a warning saying "your microphone is not working. Please check your connection or use a different mic".

not sure what to do since the mic works and it works in the zoom audio test?