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Integration with Office 365 -Multiple Zoom accounts?


Hi folks. I have a client, i.e. They have a departmental zoom account, under abcATfooDOTcom

They also have a company zoom account, i.e.

Is there a way to have both these show up after integration with Office 365, so that when the user choose to create a Zoom meeting in Outlook or Outlook online, that multiple choices show up? 

If no, 

Is the answer then to fold the two accounts into users inside the same account? That would be less optimal, since both these accounts have many future meetings setup and it would appear one would lose all the meetings. 

If I did that, would the users then have the choice of which user account to use to setup the future meetings? 


When I set it up yesterday it appeared the answer was no. Every time I went to setup a meeting it defaulted to abcATfooDOTcom. Did I simply set something up wrong? 



Sign in to the Zoom web portal. Click Account Management, then Account Settings. Click Calendar and Contacts on the left. Click the toggle for Enforce OAuth 2.0 for Office 365 calendar integration, then click Enable.