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Inquiries about technical limitations on the collection of participant log data in Zoom


We plan to provide some online lectures to about 2,000 students, and we have to check all the log data so we can pay for students who participate in this lecture.

But the problem that we have is there is so many students who has the same name(literally the exact same name), so as soon as we find them, we tell them to change their name. (ex) SinatraA / SinatraB)


And base on the last experiences, when we extract the participant log data, We cannot find "the changed" nicknames. (There is Sinatra, but no SinatraA)

I just wondering there are technical functions that we can find out all the original nicknames & changed ones. (e.g. [nickname] Sinatra [Pariciapation time] 20:00 / [nickname] SinatraA [Pariciapation time] 40:00)


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I would recommend looking at the registration features of Zoom. When students have to register they must provide an email address - which should be a unique identifier if they provide the email address you have on file for that student. You can also request their first and last name during registration and you can issue a warning or note that the email address must be on file to get paid. If you also require authentication to join your meeting, your registrants will need to register with an email that is associated with an active Zoom account (which can be a free account). That email address will appear in the log. 

Later this year, Zoom's meeting and webinar registration for attendees will change, so that upon registration, the join link will no longer be displayed on the confirmation page in the web browser. Registrants will instead receive the join link through the Zoom registration confirmation email.