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In upgrade 5.14.0, Zoom client audio Sharing takes laptop volume level. Previously it was not.


Dear Zoom team,

    There was an upgrade that was made recently. 

previous version 5.13.11 ( working well in terms of audio sharing)    latest version : 5.14.0 ( not working well in terms of audio sharing)   OS: Windows 11. Laptop: HP Envy

Earlier to that upgrade: When we share the audio from the Zoom client from  laptop, we can control the volume from two levels. 1) From youtube 2) from laptop volume up button. Zoom client use to take the volume level from#audiosharing #sharing the youtube. So I can even mute the laptop and zoom audience can hear it well. I can adjust the level of volume that I would like to hear when sharing sound. This is perfect ideal thing.


After recent upgrade - 5.14.0,

  When I turn down the volume of the laptop, even the people on zoom are hearing low. So now in order for them to listen well, I have to turn the volume of the laptop to 100%. Now for me sitting in front of lap and to the people around me it is like a noise. 


I agree you introduced this feature to help us, but it has downside too. To resolve this, you can add an option either in Zoom app for audio sharing - Use only the application volume level like youtube / media player and not the volume level of the laptop. 


So many times I got complaints from the zoom audience that they can't hear well. Please consider this as a high priority request. The same feature to be introduced to Mac and Windows both. Because even in Mac, the same issue exists.