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Immediately mute Zoom meeting


Problem description: I am in a Zoom group meeting or a webinar. Suddenly someone calls me on Teams. In the few seconds before the person calling gives up, I need to be able to mute the sound from Zoom, so that I can hear the caller on Teams.


In the few seconds I had, I was not able to find a solution. I ended up leaving the meeting, which of course is far from the desired solution.


Afterwards I have been searching the Internet to a solution to my usecase, and still was not able to find an answer. Actually, I found many 3rd party websites of questionable reputation that showed up with my search terms, though none of them had an answer that applied to my situation. The closest to an answer was to use the Windows Volume Mixer to mute the Zoom app, but this is obviously not a solution that can be quickly applied in the situation of an incoming call.


I am amazed that this is not a scenario that Zoom can handle!



Note: I am talking about muting the sound (output) from the meeting. I am not talking about muting my microphone (input), which is easy to do.


one thing which can be done is use different  audio device for zoom and use your laptop/desktop

speaker for teams.