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I want to block access to the micro (because there is no micro)


Hello !

I want to attend a zoom meeting in my navigator, even if my computer has no microphone.

I only want to LISTEN to a meeting.


I used to listen to meetings before on this web navigator on this same computer without any microphone.

But now :

Zoom shuts down the audio every 30 seconds to notice me : "your navigator doesn't allow you using your microphone" ! Then I can only "join audio by computer" and wait for the next interruption every 30 seconds.


I have tried all the settings but I have no other choice than select one only microphone even though no microphone exists on my computer. But Zoom continues on trying to access it (see attached files).

I'm unable to follow any meeting with so many interruptions.


Does someone have a solution please ?


Please note again that :

1) I want to use the home computer and not my phone (my choice because of a bigger screen)

2) I don't want to install the zoom app and want to run zoom in a navigator (my choice because of the computer's owner)

3) there is no microphone on this computer (there is not any.)


Thanks so much if you can help !


(I hope my English is understandable because I'm French)


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Perfect - Thanks for your understanding and acknowledging !!


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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi - I hope that you are Doing good !!

You briefing on the use case is super easy to interpret 


When you join the Zoom meeting, select the option to "Join Audio by Computer" if prompted.
This option should allow you to listen to the meeting's audio without needing to use a microphone

Try joining the Zoom meeting using the incognito or private browsing mode in your web browser.
This mode often disables extensions and site permissions, which may prevent Zoom from detecting the lack of a microphone


This will help you get rid of constantly interrupted by microphone prompts.


Hope this helps and happy to assist further !!


Thank you very much and have a fantastic day!
Warm regards


Good try ! It was a good idea but I need to connect to attend the meeting so the tip doesn't work.

I also tried "disable automatic gain control" which is a chrome extension but it doesn't work neither.

I asked an IA but it has no solution so don't I.

I used to attend meetings before the one time I stupidely tested the microphone during I was waiting (knowing that there is no micro on the computer) and since I can't make Zoom forget that.

Thanks !

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Perfect - Thanks for your understanding and acknowledging !!


Thanks Huma,
My mate has solved the problem but I didn't understood what he did !