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I looked fussy to others


I used my ipad for my weekly recurrent meeting.  But today,, when I signed into the meeting. I looked blurry, not the background, the whole screen, in fact, it looks like there is a lot of light going into the room type of exposure though it is not in reality.  I logged off,  check my camera by taking a video and it was fine.  I used my iphone and desktop to log on and they were fine.  But when I used my ipad, it is not.  I tried to start a meeting and same thing.  I signed off, I powered off, nothing change.  Help



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @CREEDCore, have you tried uninstalling the Zoom application and re-installing Zoom from the App store? If you screenshot on your iPad does it capture what you're experiencing? If you don't mind sharing that screenshot as well, therefore, I can do some more digging for you! 🙂


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