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I keep receiving emails "Your account has used almost all the cloud recording" but I don't have any


I keep receiving emails daily for the last month (june) saying "Your Zoom account has used almost all of the available cloud recording storage", but that's not true, I have a basic account so that means I can't record in the cloud, I can only record and save locally.

I did had a PRO account last month (may), but I stopped paying this month (june). I did use cloud recording, but when I stopped my membership, the emails notifying me that I have userd almost all of the available recording keep coming , DAILY!

I hate it how do I make the emails stop??? Help.

I can't go into cloud recordings to "delete" videos because I have a basic account, I can't see any recordings I only see this:

I don't want to "block" the emails coming from zoom in gmail because I do want zoom notifications. I only want to stop being notified about ""Your Zoom account has used almost all of the available cloud recording storage""
I think it is a bug. I don't have cloud recording yet I keep reciving daily emails about it.



I am having this issue as well. You can't call support or get online support because they don't care about non paying members. I do not want to delete my account, but that is the next step unless someone can help me out.