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I have no Breakout Room icon!


This is my third attempt to find a solution on chat:

I have breakout rooms enabkled.

I am logged into the app

I restarted my Mac, restarted Zoom app, uninstalled and reinstalled app, (as suggested by J-Zoom-ATL) upgraded MacOS to latest version but still there is no breakout room icon.

One tutorial said the BR icon is in 'More'. I have no 'More' option either.
The attached doc shows the above has been done - and that I have no Breakout Rooms Icon.

On my Profile it says that CarlaA replied to an earlier post (CarlaA replied to the topic Breakout Room icon not displaying. 2022-03-07 05:41 PM) but I cannot find that reply anywhere.

I have waited 5 days for a reply to my past message.


Please, what is my next course of action. I need breakout rooms within a few days.




I can't find the button too... 

Ah good. Well, not good, but good I am not alone in this.
So have you done everything I have done and still have no button? I suspect this is a known bug that they are scratching their heads over. What annoys me is how difficult it has been to get a response other than a trite response.
Stay tuned ...

I just had my issue resolved. Embarrassingly, it turns out because I have 2 accounts I hadn't enabled Break Out Rooms in the new paid account, which was the one that needed the icon. All fixed now.


Thank you all. It is frustrating to not be able to speak to someone directly. This happened in a live zoom workshop which is not great so hopefully this can be solved quickly and easily.  At the same time, I agree that it's nice to not be alone and I'm sorry you all have had this happen as well.