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I have been sent an email purportedly from Zoom, but is it fraud?


Here is some of the email. What rang an alarm bell was that clicking a link within the email took me, not a 'zoom' site, but to a 'zoominfo' site. I have never heard of 'zoominfo'. (And . . this forum has no 'quote' button. Oh dear. And clicking 'preview' generates an error message.)


Personal Information Notice

This Personal Information Notice is to inform you of the collection, processing, and sale of certain personal information or personal data about you ("Personal Information"). ZoomInfo collects business contact and similar information related to individuals when they are working in their professional or employment capacity, and uses this information to create professional profiles of individuals (“Professional Profiles”) and profiles of businesses (“Business Profiles”). We provide this information to our customers, who are businesses trying to reach business professionals for their own business-to-business sales, marketing, and recruiting activities.


PS: I really should be able to contact some Zoom support person directly about this, though apparently my account does not allow that.



I find the following. Belatedly, the somewhat lyingly-named 'contact us' bot spewed out a link to a webpage upon which I could create a support request. So I have done that.