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I have Pro license but my account shows basic


I am paying for pro license but my account is staying as basic. How do I fix this issue?


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Hi @EJB, welcome to the Zoom Community!


Please assign your newly purchased license to your user account. Here is how:


Hope this helps!

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This did not help, leads only to further purchasing.   What is the protocol of chaning the acoount to the one you have payed for?

it's can help this issue.. even I can't click the pro one. 


This does not help, as it does not show any users (I think it is because this is to add users, not to choose the license you payed/purchased for).  It is not to assign my pro account to my user account.  It shows that I have a basic account - and I have Pro.  Where do I change the  account to the one I have payed for?



The instruction  for assigning  a pruchased account to your account is not wright.  I started with a Basic account and since two years i've pruchaced a Pro account, but as I sign in, the account is still Basic.  According to the instructions ( a selection of users sho...


Hello! I'm having the EXACT same problem as everyone above - i upgraded this week and now I've tried everything on this list but I can't get from Basic to Pro HELP PLEASE!!!!! I've upgraded the app, signed out and signed in again, gone to look at users - but it only takes me right back to the upgrade button. THANK YOU Sarah


Hi I'm having the same problem too, I can't access my Pro account only basic.




hello, did anyone find a solution to fixing this? i have the same problem 

I'm having same problem. I upgraded to a Pro account with a different email but my app keeps taking me back to Basic and offering the upgrade option and limiting my meetings to 40 minutes! I have a series of 90=minute meetings I have contracted for today! and will have to cancel them!


Hi I hope this reaches everyone, I've found a way of accessing my paid for zoom, I clicked on my email for purchasing it, Under the "payment processed", there is a "schedule a meeting" in blue, I clicked on it, then had to input my email & password. I was then able to book for as long as i need. It's a pain doing this every time, but the only way I can get it to work. Hope this helps? xx


I have a pro licence on my email that I sign in with - it shows as pro on the web but in my cellphone app it shows basic?? I cannot seem to sign out of the mobile app to sign back in - this is a nightmare!


Hi everyone, I solved this problem with two solutions. First I accessed my new pro account through the Zoom web portal (Instead of through my computer app) and went to the "schedule" page and scheduled my meeting, put in the time and the duration (3 hours) and when it was meeting time I again went to the Zoom web portal and followed instructions to start my meeting and it went well and I was able to go for an unlimited time.  Next, I addressed the issue of my app icon on my computer which kept taking me to my old Basic account. I received advice on this from someone on another community thread on this issue and followed it as follows: I clicked on the Zoom icon and once on my account page I clicked on upper right corner where my initials are and on the drop down I went to the bottom and clicked on "Sign Out". Then when I opened the app again I was able to sign in with my new information, my new email. Now it says "Licensed"   next to the email and I am no longer connecting to my old Basic account. 

Good luck everybody!