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I don't find my past cloud recording


I no longer have access to all the cloud recordings I had in stock since 1 year , around fifty instead of more than 300...I don't know what to do. one of the recordings is used by a company that advertises with it ( with the original link i shared once for e replay) and I no longer want to and would like to change the replay password to block the broadcast, but I no longer have access to this recording myself.

I worked for a few months with a company that paid for my zoom pro (which I paid for initially). at the end of our collaboration they stopped, which made me go free again,
but above all I no longer have these cloud recordings.

i am remote Sales so the access to theses calls are my resume in the industry...

thank you for your help 



It is my understanding that free accounts do not have access to cloud recording unfortunately. 

Does it mean that if i get back my pro account i will find my past recording? 

Are you sure? This is the first time I've tried to record and the record button worked. Why would it do that if I wasn't permitted to record? Not exactly an elegant system is it!


Now I have the message: 

That was one important recording. I'm not happy.