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I bought a used Mac DESKTOP and laptop I am getting 1132 error! Appealed twice!


So I have sent appeal email twice, once last year!  and another about two months ago.  I bought a used MAC and Macbook Pro to find both have 1132 error messages and treating me like Ive been banned!  Zoom yet to reply?!  Help?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @trucker 

The process for handling a 1132 error has recently changed, so please have your friend follow the new instructions provided on this support article:

Hi just to be clear you weren’t the person that I purchased the laptop from to follow the steps steps require signing in or to your zoom account? I have done that he tried and there is not an option to report because there’s ynot an 1132 error because the account is disabled which is exactly the error message that I received on my computer with his information. I’m going to try it with my account. I’m hoping that this will resolve the problem but your suggestion did not so far and I appreciate your response by the way. Stay tuned.

So I did that for my account I entered in the information to sign and it gave me 1130 to message I clicked on report zoom and all it asked for was my email associated with the account and then full name which I put in it said that they will send me an email to confirm the report. So I check my email and I click on confirm report and it says that the report had already been confirmed. There is no information field there is no field for me to put additional comments or describe the issue. FYI. It said “ you have sent your report to zoom‘s trust and safety team for investigation.“ vague and no expectations set or given. 

May 9, 2023!!  No response, never heard from anyone at Zoom, never contacted, by phone, email....nothing ion spam.  This is total scam and am wondering if you have any further suggestions, contacting APPEALS is also resulting in no reply.


I am still with no solution, no contact from zoom, nor did the seller of the equipment.  This is happenening to not just myself, not saying I am participating, but a law firm contacted me about joining a class action......I hope it doesn't come to that for ya'll....I had to buy another cdevice to be able to use zoom......which is not ideal. Any updates?