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I am unable to download a recording





Are you having some kind of error when trying to download your recording?


I am trying to download a recording of a meeting to empty my storage and each attempt has failed. I've done this process a number of times, and never experienced a download failure before. The download starts successfully but stops at around the 200MB (of a 894MB file).  when it fails I can resume but after 2-3 resumes it is then marked "Failed - forbidden". Is there a fix for this bug?

You can try following the steps in this link:

If that doesn't solve your issue, I suggest reaching out to Zoom support through chat or email for further assistance.

I know this is an old question, but I encountered and solved a similar issue recently. Reporting back here in case others bump into the same problem.

I got the failed-forbidden alert in chrome downloads the first time I tried to download video files from a zoom recording because it triggers 8 downloads at once and that trips a security alert in chrome. Something on zoom's site hung and I was unable to click the dialog popup that asked for permission to allow this on the site, the downloads timed out, and when I retried I hit the same issue as this poster, all subsequent attempts failed.

To fix: 
Go to Chrome Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings
If the issue you're encountering matches what I'm describing, the site your organization uses will show: Blocked Multiple Downloads
Click the line item for that site
Scroll to find Multiple Downloads and set to Allowed
I believe you'll need to restart Chrome, but downloading the recording files should work following this fix