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I am one person with several email addresses and one Zoom Pro license.


I am a solo professional, semi-retired.  I schedule and host/conduct a LOT of meetings using my Zoom Pro account  -- family, personal friends, small social groups, professional colleagues or committees, my consulting business clients, book club, my little Landmark study group, etc.  In fact, I basically use Zoom instead of the phone!    I would GREATLY prefer it if Zoom would recognize all of my email addresses, since I would prefer to use the one that each group is familiar with.    Today, I saw that I could add other people to my account as "members" -- but they will just be "basic members".  I want ME -- in all my guises -- to be able to invite/host Zoom meetings.  Is this possible? 


Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner



If the new e-mails are in the same domain, you can add them.

You can get a pro licence for all of them. Or assign the pro licence to the relevant account before the meeting.


If the new e-mails are in the same domain you can add them: e.g.) if they are all google or hotmail e-mails?

You can get a pro license for all of them: e.g) buy the same product for each e-mail? 

Assign the pro-license to the relevant account before the meeting? e.g.) change the account's info every time your doing a meeting? a zoom partner this reply brings up more questions than the initial ones. Care to clarify?