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Hybrid meetings




How can one carry out a hybrid meeting, where there's a in-person room and people participating virtually as well?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Dheimann5,

There are many ways to accomplish a hybrid meeting depending on the size of the meeting, how much interaction amongst attendees, and your budget to name a few.  At the basic level, you can add a Zoom Room to your virtual meeting so the in person Attendees in the room can participate in the virtual session.   You could explore options of live streaming your in room meeting to a virtual audience.   Zoom has an Events team that can help you with all the details if your hybrid meeting is large.   The more requirements you can gather such as size and the type of experience you want the Attendees to have the better.  

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small creative writing classes, 6 to 8 persons in person with 1-3 on zoom



I suppose Zoom Rooms work (I have no experience), but they have a few characteristics that make them unworkable for our small non-profit discussion groups (20 - 50 people in-room): increased monthly cost; IT managed (we have no IT staff); dedicated room (nope); and a budget measured in the thousands. Instead, we use ordinary Zoom Meetings ($150 a year, which we can afford) and a system based around wireless mikes (<$500 for a 4-mike system, including audio-to-USB conversion, mixing of in-room and Zoom sound, and amplification). We use an inexpensive video projector for showing the Zoom screen, and a single webcam for the room. For another $600 or so, we could replace the single webcam with an ATEM audio/video controller and  two or more HDMI cameras. We'd need a volunteer to mix the video and maybe aim the cameras, which might be doable, although for one of my meetings the average age is a bit below 80, so maybe not.

roc856 --


I'm just seeing this now ... and you've solved all our problems. Is it possible to get some specifics about equipment, set up, etc?


Thank you --


Adding another question here...
How can I host a hybrid Zoom meeting in a big room that allows people in the back also can hear me? I teach HyFlex classes for 4 to 6 hours Monday to Friday. I have to talk super loudly in order for students in the back of the room to be able to hear me. However, this really hurts my voice. 

During a test Zoom meeting, I tried setting up a conference microphone to have playback on the speaker, but it created very bad feedback. Finally, I played around with the settings on my laptop and moved the speaker away. The feedback was bearable. However, the audio from the video can't play.  When I disabled the microphone's playback setting, the audio from the video came back. 


I also tried setting the audio from the video to play on my laptop while the conference microphone was set to have playback on the Bluetooth speaker. It didn't work either. Besides the problem is that the audio sound from my laptop is not loud enough for people in the back of the room to hear it, Zoom also disabled one when the other one played.


When I left the test Zoom meeting, both playback and audio from the video can play without problem. It looks like Zoom currently can't do both.


So how can someone host a hybrid Zoom meeting in a big room to let people in the back of the room also be able to hear the audio from the computer AND him/her, without him/her screaming/speaking very loudly? Thanks!