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How to transfer my single Zoom One licence?


I own a Zoom One licence and I am trying to give it to an association (and not use it anymore for myself of course). 
I managed to change the ownership of the account, and give it to the association, but this did not transfer the licence. 
Since I have only one single licence, I cannot give one to another user, be it the owner. 
To do this it seems that I need to carry out 2 steps. 
1) Change my own status to user without licence (to make the single licence available); 
2) Give that licence to the association.
But in the meanwhile after step 1 I would be a user without licence: would I be able (allowed) to perform step 2?
Thank you for your help.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Vianney,.


This is a common confusion. Each Pro/Zoom One License is associated with a user login. The organizational account has several user accounts attached to it, and the License is assigned to you. You need to unassigned that License from your login and reassign it to the other user.


The organizational account Owner does not have to be a Licensed user, so you should be able to perform Step 2. 

Here are the steps you need – you might already know this, but just in case:


On the Zoom Web Portal, go to Admin -> User Management -> Users and click Edit on your account.  Notice that your account should have the Licensed radio button selected; click the Basic radio button, and click Save. The License is now Unassigned. 


Then assign the unassigned license to the other user account. See this web page for assistance:


Follow these steps taken from the article:


    1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal at
    2. Click User Management, then Users.
    3. Locate or search for the user who you want to assign a license. There will likely only be your single account – click your account
    4. Click Edit at the end of the user row. This will open a window.
    5. Choose the User Type to assign, selecting Licensed.
    6. After choosing the User Type, use the drop down to select the license. There should be an indication that you have 1 available user license if you have indeed purchased one or more new licenses. Click the available license.
    7. (Optional) Assign add-ons can be included by checking the boxes for the add-on. You will not likely have any add-ons, so you might skip this step.
    8. Click Save.

The license is now applied to the other user account.


If you will stay on as the account Owner, you should still be able to make any changes. You can change the account ownership, refer to this Zoom Support article: 

Let me know if you need any other guidance. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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