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How to stop the Zoom bombing in 2022?


I am facing Zoom bombing for various days, I applied few methods to resolve this issue like 

  1. Update to the Latest Version.
  2. Security Icon Options for Hosts.
  3. Enable the "Waiting Room"
  4. Require User Authentication.
  5. Disable "Join Before Host"
  6. Meeting Passcodes.
  7. Limit Screen Sharing to the Host.

It Mostly happened when I share screen this site on live screen

But didn't get success, If you can help me well please leave a comment



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I will compare your description to a non-virtual setting...


  1. I have updated all the locks and technology in the event center
  2. I require that everybody wait in a line outside prior to entry
  3. I require each attendee to ID themselves to a 3rd party prior to arriving at my party
  4. Nobody is allowed inside before I am
  5. There is a bouncer at the door now
  6. I require a secret passcode in order to get in

In the end there are tons of folks who can easily pass all these requirements and gain entry. The real question is whether they have arrived to cause problems in your meeting. I'm going to guess that your meeting is publicly advertised. That by itself creates an invitation of folks you've never met before, and could arrive for any number of reasons.


  1. You might require First Name and Last Name be displayed before they can gain entry into the meeting.
  2. You or your Waiting Room bouncer can make a habit of following each individual into the meeting to ensure that when they turn their camera on that it is not inappropriate.
  3. You can leverage "Focus Mode" therefore only displaying to the audience those who are spotlighted, while everybody else is hidden.

There is no perfect recipe that guarantees that a bad apple won't show up. But, there are a lot of options (switches) along with practices that can keep a meeting pretty tight and uninterrupted.


Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen