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How to retrieve a recording from a meeting you attended


Recently I attended a meeting in which I was interviewing someone but on their Zoom account.  They changed the meeting setting to allow me to record the meeting/ interview but I have been unable to find the recording.  Normally I use my own account so it is easy to locate them.  The host cannot find the recording on their user profile.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.



If they gave you permission to record and you weren't the host, that should mean it was a local recording and it lives somewhere on your computer's hard drive.


For me, in the Documents folder on my hard drive, there's a subfolder called Zoom.  I find my local recordings in there, each one has a separate folder.  I'd start there.  

If you have the Zoom desktop app, go into Settings and click Recording.  It should tell you in there where local recordings are kept.