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How to find the recording


Hi, I really need help.

For the past 2 days, I attended a zoom meeting with my collegues to have some discussion. My friend (paid subscriber) created the zoom meeting and he was the original host for that zoom meeting. Before we start the discussion, my friend pass the host to me (during that time, I am not a paid subscriber), then I make him as a co host. After that, when we start our discussion, my friend click record to the cloud. The thing is, my friend tried to find the recording in their cloud and PC storage, but he failed to find it. Right now, I already became a paid subscriber but I still could not find the recording. Could you please help on how to find the recording?



The easiest way to locate recordings is to look at the Settings window (accessible from within a Zoom meeting, or from the Zoom Client App by clicking your avatar in the upper right corner of the app).  Go to the Recording tab and look at the path in "Store my recording at" or click the Open button.


Note that you will not see any local recordings made by others, and you will not see any Cloud recordings here; Cloud recordings are viewed from your account's web page at

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