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How to enable interpretation


I am a paid subscriber who hosts 150 people each Monday in a community meeting.  All of a sudden I do not have an interpretation feature to toggle on/off.  Zoom says that I have to have Zoom support now enable this feature.  How the heck do I get that help???


Community Champion

Hi @deehour thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! If you had the Interpretation feature before and now do not, it could be that your Zoom tenant owner or admin has disabled the feature. If you are the only one who manages your subscription then this is most likely not the case 🙂  But since there are ways to disable this setting at the Account Settings level in the Zoom portal, could you sign in there and see if things are still enabled? 


If you sign into Zoom and go to Account Management, Account Settings, then in the "In Meeting (Advanced) section you can see if the setting is there and enabled. You can also look in your personal settings to validate it's enabled for your user account. This is a screenshot from my personal settings on a test account


More info here just in case it's helpful


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