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How to disable video for all participants except host?


Hello! I was wondering is it possible in zoom for small businesses plan (not Events & Webinars plan) to cut off the video of all participants except the host? So that they only see 1 person speaking on their screen + chat?

Thank you in advance for any help with it!



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

You can definitely do this. 


  1. Start a Zoom meeting as the host or co-host.
  2. On the controls toolbar, click Security 
  3. Under "Allow participants to:", uncheck both Start Video and Chat

I would also recommend spotlighting the host so that the attendees will see the host during active speaker view.


You may refer to these articles: In meeting security options and Spotlighting participants videos.


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

With the allow participants to "start video" and "Unmute Themselves" disabled - can I as host allow specific individuals to unmute/start video?