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How to assign individual passwords to each participant?


Hello what is the best way to assign individual password to each participant?

I need to have only specific persons/emails authorized, possibly via a registration page.

Can I do it with a normal meeting or do I need a webinar?

Thanks for suggestions




I don't believe you can assign an individual passcode for each participant but you require registration and a waiting room to allow them in one by one. 

Thanks, the expected number of participants is ~20÷50 and I'd rather avoid to manually accept them one by one from waiting room. Participants have paid to attend and I don't want them to share their credentials and allow other persons in the meeting (of course I cannot avoid they watch together with other people from the same physical room). Does this mean I have to upgrade my account and purchase a license for Webinar?


https://support.zoom.us/ and search on Passcode and Security Settings for more information. 

Thanks, so it appears that a Passcode for Meeting refers to 1 single code used by any participant to enter the meeting. I'll check Webinar options.