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How to Survey/Poll Visitors at Open Office Hours?


Using a shared Zoom account, our department is hosting virtual office hours on a "recurring" meeting. Patrons may connect and disconnect as they please to ask questions to whoever is manning the meeting.


It is important that we can survey these patrons to see if this service and our answers have been helpful. Nothing fancy, a simple positive/negative rating is acceptable.


We tried using the "Meeting Survey," but it seems this only pops up if we end the meeting before the patron. We also don't want to end the meeting at all, as we must then re-start the meeting to continue these open office hours.


We tried using the "Meeting Poll," but then our staff must remember to manually launch the poll (which seems to erase previous poll responses?). 


We could link an external survey (like Microsoft Forms) in the chat, but again, our staff would have to remember to manually do that. A built-in tool would be more convenient.


Any ideas?