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How to Make Profile Picture Expand to fill Zoom Thumbnail Windows


My previous topic evidently was closed, and I could not respond with what I have discovered.


I have discovered that both my Android Zoom App and my Mac OS X Zoom App do not fill the space as much as the online Edit Profile Picture allows, when used to Upload Images and Crop them on my cell phone or on my iMac ...


The current solution is ...


Connect to Zoom online, through your browser, upload your image, crop as desired, Save ... and your cropped image will be maximized as to how much of your image will be allowed on the Zoom chat windows. As the individual participant windows increase or decrease in size, there will be a sweet spot where your image fills the space ... as a square image.  At one point, the image will have a border all around.


I.E. ... At some point, the square image will be less than the height of the participant, Video Stopped, window.


You're welcome.