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How to Cancel Current Plat and Upgrade Plan


I just made a mistake. Instead, I made a payment to continue the pro current plan with a total of 100 participants. I should have upgraded to 300 participants. How can I cancel the payment and choose to upgrade to a capacity of 300 participants?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

If you need to cancel your Pro account and switch to a Business account, you will need to contact our Billing team to assist with that. 

Keep in mind, the Pro plan can have as few as 1 license (so ~$14.99/month), while a Business plan requires at least 10 licenses (so ~$199/month). If you don't need that many licenses, I would recommend staying with the Pro plan and just purchasing a Large Meeting Add-on, which will increase your max participants to 500 and only cost an additional $50/month.