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How do I download the registration list?


Hey friends,
I can't see how to download the list of people who have registered for a meeting I have tomorrow. Any clues?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

In your Zoom Browser tgo to Admin\Account Management\Reports


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Thank you Denise! This is just what I was looking for!

I did that but there was no data in there. How do you get zoom to capture registrations in the first place? 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you enable "registration" then when you looks under reports, go to Meeting or Webinar to view and download the report.  

Before the most recent zoom update, I assume "registration" was on or automatic for meetings. I had a recurring meeting for which I would download the list of participants each month. I no longer have the option to download meeting participants, and when I go to "edit" the meeting settings, nothing there will allow me to require registration. However, I do see that option for when I create new meetings. I really need this report for October. Is there any way to access it??

Hi! Zoom used to allow hosts to download registration reports with all the fields in different columns. The current 'usage report' seems to put all the info from one registrant in a single row. This makes it difficult to use and sort any of the information. Why is this - or is it just something I'm doing wrong!?

Thank you! I just bought the salepager but I can't figure out how to use it to download a sorted registration list for a meeting that's already happened? Please help! Needed urgently...


[And as a side comment - really, Zoom, charging $20 / month for something you used to offer for free is not good customer service... ]


Thank you!



It appears to now only let you download one month a time..... It USED to let you download them all.  Bummer.

How do you get zoom to capture registrations in the first place? 

You need to set up a new meeting you cant use your Personal Meeting Room ID for registered meetings so under user id check generate automatically.


A option will appear under timezone with an option for registration required you can check this box. Later you can download the report under account management reports.

downloading reports one by one is very time consuming, so we now download multiple meeting reports at once using Salepager to save time. It also lets us combine registration and participation to get an accurate picture of attendance as well as schedule the reports to be emailed automatically including over longer time frames.


As of February 2023 these steps worked for me on a desktop computer:

Setup the Zoom Meeting with Registration Enabled (this will allow you to SEE registrations and resend invites in the Meetings > Registrations tab under a meeting but WON'T allow you to export)


In the left navigation bar under "Personal," there should be a "Reports" option

Select Reports > Usage Reports > Meeting

Adjust to your desired date range

Select Registration Report from the drop-down menu

Click Search

Select the meeting you want

Click Generate


The page will refresh and take you to the Reporting Queue where you will find your current and past requests available to download as Excel .CSV files.


Hope that helps!


Why is the download list somewhere other than Meeting-->Registration ? Incredibly unintuitive...


Hello there, how can I extract the participants of past events.? I tried this via: reports, select a meeting/webinar and then I see the CSV possibility to download. But there are no email addresses included. So I cant email them the follow-up mail after the session.....