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How do I disable/enable "silent auto-update" on a Mac?


I see in the recent release notes that starting with the 11/28/2021 release


"* Silent auto-update now enabled by default
By default, the EnableSilentAutoUpdate MSI/GPO/PLIST option will now be enabled, which updates the desktop client without the install wizard appearing."


This would imply to me that I might have the option to disable this. But I cannot find any information on how to do so.




Community Champion

This really only applies to installations managed by an IT department and shouldn't affect standard installations. You can find out more about managed installs here:

I looked at the linked article and it has a lot of detailed information, but with one glaring omission: It says "you need to create a .plist file" but nowhere does it say what the file should be named or where it should be located.