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How do I disable a Zombie meeting?


A long time ago, I set up a recurring Zoom meeting. The meeting ID and connect URL were posted on a website, but I do not have it (any more) appear in my list of "Meetings" on my desktop app, hence I cannot delete it. Now I find all of a sudden more and more daily attempts by persons unknown to me (and uninvited to that meeting) trying to connect to the meeting. In principle, that would cause a problem since the meeting is now defunct and I am no longer using the meeting ID. However, I get an email alert every single time someone does this, which at the least is annoying. Is there any way to stop people trying to connect to a no-longer valid meeting ID? And how come that Zoom still "knows" that I am the "owner" of this meeting (and hence "should be alerted" when someone tries to join), yet I cannot find any record on my Zoom app or anywhere else of that meeting.