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How can my Zoom Users hold their own zoom meetings at the same time as others on my account?


I have a team of 8 individuals and they each have a user license under the one zoom account which is our business.


However, I can't see how two of them would be able to hold separate zoom meetings with two different clients at the same time?


If my users are unable to run their own zoom meetings under my account then... what is the purpose of paying for them to be under one account when they would be better positioned to have their own individuals paid accounts or.... is that the solution?


Please help.



Hi @TNC 


If they are all paid-licensed users, they should all be able to run their own meetings. They will need to each login to or their local client with their own username and password, then schedule or start their on meetings.


What problem are you facing?




So when they log into their account will they also see the meetings already scheduled in my account?


I deliver training using Zoom.


I have a manager who needs to organise zoom meetings for this training.


But (and this might just be me) I wasn't clear whether they can organise and manage my meetings AND be able to arrange their own zoom meetings that could be at a the same time.


Does this make sense?

Hi @TNC 


For them to re/schedule your meetings, you will need to assign them with the Scheduling Privilege.


For them to be able to start and Host your meetings, you would need to assign them as Alternative Hosts to each meeting required.


Vice-versa for their own meetings, if you need the same functionality across the whole team.


Hope this helps.