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How can I remove the extra pic in virtual background in mobile device?


Hi team,


I've browsed thru all the related articles in terms of virtual background setting up, but all the suggested resolutions I found were to manage those settings in web portal, which I thought only works for pics that had been uploaded from laptop.


My question is I uploaded independent pics from my Samsung S20 mobile device, and those pics are not shown in the admin page of web portal, so I can only manage these pics thru the device. However, I think in mobile setting, there are only "add" pics, but no "delete" function for this standalone management. So I had uploaded duplicates image yet unable to remove those unnecessary ones.


Not sure if this is a bug, hope the technical team could advise the resolution. Thank you!

My phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G; model: SM-G9810

My Zoom version: 5.15.5(15154)


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @RainaC just to clarify, I believe it would be the other way around. For virtual backgrounds and uploading your own, you should be able to upload images from your device's local photo gallery and delete them. 


However, here is the user experience when attempting to delete a photo upload from


User experience when attempting to delete an uploaded photo from your device's local photo gallery. 


As an admin, you can pre-upload virtual backgrounds via the Zoom web-portal within the Account settings I would also check the setting "Allow users to upload custom backgrounds" if you are unable to upload images from your device's local photo gallery. 

Zoom Community Moderator

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