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How can I improve the video quality on my Intel Core i7 laptop when using Zoom?


Hello Zoom community,


I hope you're all doing well. I've been using Zoom on my intel evo laptop, and I'm looking for some advice on how to enhance the video quality during Zoom meetings.


I've noticed that my video sometimes appears grainy or pixelated, and I'd like to improve this aspect of my online communication. Are there any specific camera recommendations or settings adjustments you'd suggest for getting the best video quality on an Intel Core i7 laptop?


I'd greatly appreciate any insights or tips you can share. Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



The number one thing you can do to improve your  video quality is to get proper video lighting.


Webcams and other cameras struggle to produce good looking video in poor lighting conditions.


You don’t need professional light equipment, but it is the best lighting for webcam scenarios. These tools help you find the proper light balance and fill, and will ultimately help you look sharp over webcam:

  1. “Daylight” light bulbs offer bright and natural-looking lighting (no yellow lamplights!)
  2. Ring lights for webcams are popular for vloggers and models for a naturally balanced light source
  3. Key lights are a good spotlight on a subject and pair well with side lighting from a window or alternate light source for full balance
  4. Light diffusers help decrease lighting strength or can reflect light for better fill and balance .”



Zoom has some very basic controls, but no software can really do a good job if the light available is too low.

Zoom settings > Video > Adjust for Low Light


This setting is no substitute for proper lighting.


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