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How add zoom meeting link to Outlook 365 when I am NOT the host?


I know how to create a meeting as host, how to add it to outlook (or calendar), etc.  I do not need help with this part. 


However if you create an upcoming meeting, say for next week, then send me just the meeting link or joining details by text or email, what is the best way for me to add this to my diary? Assume there is no ics etc sent by you, the meeting originator.


I am happy to manually enter the day, time, topic for your meting into my outlook calendar but want to know how to cut /paste or whatever the upcoming zoom meeting details and link so I can later just click it from calendar to join without having to go back and find the original email invite.


When i click the zoom option in outlook when adding an appointment, it automatically creates a meeting with me as the host and my zoom code not allowing me to add your meeting details that you supplied. 


thanks for your help