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How Do I use a Photo of Me while Participating on a Zoom Meeting


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi MsBlack, 


There are two primary ways you can use a photo of yourself while participating in a meeting:


  1. If you have a Zoom account, you can customize a profile picture in the web portal. This means that your profile picture moves with you to different meetings; 
  2. In a meeting, you can click on: Participants > (find your name in the list) > More > Edit Profile Picture*


* If your host has disabled it, you may not be able to show your profile picture in a meeting. 

Thanks Tim.  I asked this question at least 10 different ways until FINALLY your description came up.  Can't Zoom use a better AI solution to reading keywords in questions and matching postings? - JonDavidson