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How Can I Share My Screen as the Host and Still See the Other Participants?


Hi  Everyone -


I'm hoping that someone smarter than me might be able to help figure this one out.

When I host a meeting, I often want share my screen with the other participants. Currently when I do this, the other participants immediately disappear from view - I'd really like to be able to still see them, in order to gauge their reactions, see by facial expression if someone has a question, etc.


I seem to recall that in an older, Windows version, I was able to share my screen and enable a small window that would allow me to see the other participants. In the latest Windows version however, it seems that functionality is gone.

Is there any sort of workaround that you can suggest that might allow me to share my screen and still see others? Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to your replies!




I'm having the same problem with Windows 11 and using 2 screens. I share screen on the 2nd monitor but the participants disappear on the main monitor. All I can see at the very top of my screen is the "share" dashboard.

Good to know that I'm not alone. Thanks!  It's a real frustration and one that I hope they address soon. Without the non-verbal communication that is so important in any sort of presentation, the inability to see you audience is really like flying blind.