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Hosts and Co-Hosts - Launching a poll.


Hi, I have a Pro acct and have setup and launched polls successfully. 

Our meeting has the host and co-hosts sign in a few ways. Most join by using the same ID and password and are automatically co-hosts. Other join with their personal accounts and are made host or co-hosts.  I'm not always host. 


All hosts and co-hosts are able to see the icon in their toolbars but one ? person is able to launch it as all? of the others get a message in red they're signed in elsewhere? or on another device? 


This is working the way it's intended, no doubt. I'd just like to know how it is determined who has the launch access? Is it the person who signed in last with the user ID? or the last person made co-host? 


I just ask all co-hosts  and host to see who can launch it and it does, but would like to find out who has the power beforehand. thank you. Jeff



Also, know we only have one account, no other 'users' (paid accounts). I also see the phrase 'alternative hosts', which I believe only refers to additional users with paid accounts. True?