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Hosting a zoom meeting: Participants trying to join are told I am on another meeting when I am not.


Has anyone else had the experience of sending out an invitation and then at the appointed time finding that the participants cannot join because they are told that the host (me) is on another meeting???


Note Taker

I have seen this issue. There are several possible causes. If you simply leave a meeting instead of ending it, the meeting can be detected as still going when trying to launch a new instance. The most common cause I have found is that the host created a meeting with a co-host and the co-host kept that meeting going while the host tried starting another. If you have back-to-back meetings scheduled with "join before host" enabled this can cause users in the second meeting to get the error.

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This has happened ever since I renewed my pro account. I'm not using co-hosts, nor am I in any other meetings. It's only when I pre-schedule meetings. It very frustrating.