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Host to unmute participant on chromebook


Hi, I have enabled "request permission to unmute" on my zoom account and can do it fine for all my participants who use windows or on android. (i did not test iphone) However i can't get it to work for Chromebook participants, no matter what i do they do not get the prompt when they join my meeting and i can only request to unmute them and not actually unmute them. I have tested this with the same account and it will work fine on a PC but when i try joining the meeting on Chromebook it does not work.


Is there a fix for this and is it at least a known issue?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @koidy.


I don't know definitively, but looking at this Zoom Support article: 

... I'm thinking that the prerequisites are indicating that Chromebooks aren't capable of this, since Chromebook isn't listed.


Prerequisites for muting/unmuting participants in a meeting

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