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Host needed for meeting


How do I change my Zoom settings so that no host is needed to start a meeting? I'd like anyone to be able to start the meeting, irrespective of whether the host is present in the meeting or not.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This is possible. The steps are below. The feature you are looking for is Allow participants to join before host

  1. Go to Zoom.US and sign in.
  2. Click Account Management 
  3. Turn off Waiting Room. (See the screenshot).  If the Waiting Room is turned on, even when you create a meeting and don't check Waiting Room, users will still go to the Waiting Room. 

Now, when you schedule a meeting, make sure you don't check Waiting Room. You must select one of the three security settings. I tested with Passcode checked, and nothing else, and it worked. 

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