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Host is in a different meeting... but that's me, and I'm not


I have a single zoom meeting every week with the same person. I don't schedule it or anything, I just use the default zoom room - login and press "new meeting" to host. The other person has had the login information for this for months.

But just yesterday I do the exact same thing, and they do the exact same thing, and for them it shows "the host is in a different room". So I copy the zoom invitation for my personal meeting room again and send it to them again, just in case it changed for some reason, and they say the same thing happened.

The only thing different is I changed devices, but I don't see how that could impact it since zoom is all online. I've double checked that I've logged in correctly. The meeting ID I've sent them and the password is identical to the details from months ago, and I literally copy pasted it for that meeting room.

What's going on, and how can I work around this? Should I schedule a meeting to see if that helps?



I have this same problem -- the meeting is on the calendar, login information sent to participants, and I open the meeting fifteen minutes before anyone logs in to be ready yet everyone receives the "host is in another meeting" message as they attempt to enter the meeting.  This requires me to delete the existing meeting, set up a new meeting, and notify participants of the new login information, wasting valuable time and looking like a fool.  My account is a paid account but I am not getting expected value, only frustration.