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Host getting kicked out during large company meetings after letting people in


Hi there, 


I have a user that hosts monthly company events. Lately she has an issue in which whenever she starts the meeting and lets people in she gets kicked out but let back in after a few seconds. 


I saw the logs and it just says network connectivity issue that kicked her out.


Was wondering why it only happens when she starts allowing people in the monthly event? It's usually around 100+ people. And also wondering why it's happening to her the past couple of months.


Was wondering if there were any more tips other than restart her laptop the morning of and try not to run multiple applications during that time. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Probably the most useful change that can be made to improve this is to hardware the computer to the network with an ethernet cable, instead of using wireless. It's definitely the behavior of an abrupt network disconnect. Zoom is very good about quickly reconnecting when it senses that the network is back. But, a layer deeper than that is why is happening. And the answer to that is almost always the computer is using a wireless connection.

The reason it's probably happening when people are being let in is that the download bandwidth requires are on the rise at that time, due to more people and more video.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen

Alright, I'll suggest this the next time it happens. It's weird because she says it only started happening a couple of months ago from that last 2 or 3 monthly events, but not anything prior.