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Host Disconnects and cohost does not have zoom premium


I have a meeting scheduled and the host just informed me that she may have internet connection issues due to storms. I will be cohost but am not licensed with a zoom subscription. If she disconnects, what will happen with the timer of the meeting? It is scheduled to last 2 hours, but I am capped at 40 min if I am the host.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

As long as "she" is the Zoom account owner and her account is a paid account then there will be no issue with her making you the co-host. The meeting will run under the rules of her license. If she disconnects for a long enought period of time the system will make you host of the meeting. The rules will remain the same.


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Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen


I agree with Jeff. Also, keep in mind that if you, as a casual user (unpaid) start a meeting, it doesn't matter if one or many paid user accounts join your meeting. It won't extend the time. As Jeff said, thew meting runs under the rules of the one who starts the meeting--the original host.